RESOURCES for artists

gathered by @qeewik



3D model, you can move the joints to make your desired pose. Might take some time to get the right pose but you have complete freedom to move it yourself.

3D poses of a human body. (great for muscles studies)

Has a wide variety of options, 30 second practice, negative space drawing, random pose viewer & hands.

3D model gallery, kinda anime/non realistic style. A lot of poses, let you search by different activities. (eg: everyday life, sitting, etc)

A LOT of full body poses. Single, Pair and Group photos.

Action, Instruments, Gun/weapons, Dynamic, Dramatic, they have everything. Very wide variety of body shapes and types.

Stock of a variety of animal references as well as architecture, flowers and human models.

Different clothing, and costumes on group or single models.

Challenges, Timed practice, Random poses, and Library.
This one has random poses of pictures that you might have seen somewhere on the internet.

Some don't have much resolution.

This is a portraits project, that intends to deploy a chromatic range of the different human skin colors. it adopts the format of the PANTONE® Guide.

There are a LOT of diverse faces. Must take a look!

Timed figure study, animals, hands, faces, expressions and environments.

You can set the time interval, if you want nude or covered models, etc.


Free Stock Photos - taken by photographers.
for inspiration purposes?

palettes inspirarion, backgrounds, portraits, props, etc

Met Museum collection of Antique props. For research, inspo, reference, design. etc

Lets you search for references on certain animals in the position you set the skull.

Check it out.

The National Geographic Photo Ark, documents every species living in zoos and wildlife sanctuaries.


Design Seeds Colour palettes taken from several aesthetic pictures.

Color Calculator, lets you generate palettes of Complementary, Analogous & Monochromatic colours. (Gives you the HEX, RGB & CMYK codes of your pallette.)

Paletton is a variation of the colour wheel generator, has a bit more options. really really cool. Gives you a very detailed palette.

Colormind automatically generates different colour palettes. Also lets you upload a picture to make a pallette out of it.

Color Space also is a random Colour palette generator. Choose one colour and they give you a gradient, a Matching Gradient and other smaller palettes.

Cohesive Colors Generate a palette and this tool helps you create a cohesive colour scheme by overlaying another colour to it.


I'll link some tweets with some tips and tricks from different artists. Please check them out and RT them!

  • How to add glow by @candymaws

  • Quick mini tutorial on environmental painting by @Justinoaksford.

  • Simple braid tutorial by @tiri_art

  • Free skin tones by @puppsicle.

  • Drawing paws by @blackscour.

  • Twitter crop guide by @nanobop.

  • How to report stolen art by @_superspicy

  • How to make make custom hand lettered fonts by @jaclynfrankum